Replace your old fashioned Control Unit with the new rechargeable auto-BOOST unit. Fits Bosom Beauty, Brava and Noogleberry. Size of unit is 4 inches x 4 inches (11cm X 11cm).

Control Unit and accessories to replace your old fashioned system with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.
Control Unit and accessories to replace your old fashioned system with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.
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Product Description

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Warning - Do not use sustain only systems, they pull blood in to the breasts and it stays there, the blood turns stale through lack of oxygenation. This will age and wrinkle your breasts and cause more harm than good. Our systems Breath in Fresh Oxygen every second of the entire session.

Includes, Control Unit, power pack, USB, tubing, instructions and Tubing so all ready to connect to your existing cups (Cups not included). Tracked Worldwide Shipping.

New Auto-Boost System Instantly Bigger breasts System - just switch it on and it does the rest. The easiest system to use ever. Fully automatic with internal computer representing a technological leap forward in Breasts Enlargement.

Switch on and it Auto-locks on to your Breasts then automatically goes to Auto-Boost. It really is that easy. You can adjust it manually if you wish.


Stretch Bra
Stretch Bra stretchbra
Single tube and connector
Single tube and connector
his tube is for if you have one breast larger than the other and need to enlarge the smaller breast. You can do this at the same time as enlarging both breasts. You will just have to have additional single breast sessions so over time your breasts will be even in size and larger.