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Bosom Beauty Brava Combination
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Brand new design, Bosom Beauty/Brava Smart Box Combination Breasts Enlargement System

If you want to use the Bosom Beauty without the timer or use it as Brava Smart Box then why not try the New Bosom Beauty/Brava Constant (Non-rechargeable for the rechargeable System see our other items).

Holds the vacuum when the unit is switched off (added because of customer requests) so this system can be used as Bosom Beauty with automatic sustain and release and manually as a Brava when switched off.

This system has has no timer as it runs runs constantly so a session can be as short or as long as you want Has a simple four button layout, internal computer controlled.

Developed because of requests from users wanting to be more in control of the length of their sessions. Usb power adapter and lead are included, ready to go straight out of the box Can be used as a portable system with a USB power bank if you have one. For rechargeable Systems see our other items Welcome to the famous Bosom Beauty Fully Automatic (now with Brava feature) - The Fastest Breasts Enlarger in the World - Sustain and Release, Vacuum Tissue Expansion Technology expands and generates New, Firmer Breast Tissue, quickly and comfortably. Components interchangeable with Noogleberry and Brava.

As you age your breasts become less dense (also works for developing breasts). You improve every other part of your body so why not reverse this inevitably and immediately improve your breasts too, with the World's best selling Breasts Enlarger.

Auto-Boost Instantly Bigger Breasts System - just switch it on and watch your Breasts grow. The easiest system to use ever. Fully automatic with internal computer representing a technological leap forward in Breasts Enlargement.

Bigger and Better Breasts even after just one session.

Fully automatic System with Comfortable Cushioned Cups.

Go on any independent internet forum - The Bosom Beauty Boost is by far the best system available.

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Warning - Do not use sustain only systems, they pull blood in to the breasts and it stays there, the blood turns stale through lack of oxygenation. This will age and wrinkle your breasts and cause more harm than good. Our patented systems Breath in and out every second of every 30 minute session, constantly supplying Fresh Oxygen for Bigger and Healthier Breasts.

We sold the first Bosom Beauty mark 1 in 2005 we are now on the mark 10 Bosom Beauty Auto-Boost and Brava vacuum hold, the fastest Bosom Beauty ever.

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