S-A-R-P-A Trainer Sustain-And-Release-Penis-Aid

Electric Sarpa Trainer  Penis Pump
Electric Sarpa Trainer Penis Pump
Item# Sarpa

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S-A-R-P-A Trainer. Sustain-And-Release-Penis-Aid. Making all other Organ Pumps redundant Excercise and Enlargement System for your penis. Super Silent with built in Digital Timer.


Do not use any other Penis Pump as stale blood does more harm to your penis than good and will actually shrink your penis and reduce performance by damaging your penis capillaries (blood vessels).

The Sarpa Trainer quickly increases penis size and massively reduces impotency by constantly drawing and releasing fresh blood in to the penis on average 40 times per minute and not using the same stale blood throughout - NO OTHER SYSTEM CAN DO THIS.

The next generation male organ Enhancer/Enlarger is here. Trial Period Money Back Guarantee - Try the Sarpa Trainer for 7 days and if you don't like it then send it back and we will refund you less our shipping and handling costs - Trial period starts from the day you receive the system so you will have a full 7 days to try it - so go on and give it a go - you will not regret it. The only system to use sustain and release technology, a strong vacuum is created, then released, that automatically produces the pulsating Piston like movement of the penis within the cylinder on average 40 times per minute over the entire length on the session - making it 10 times more efficient than any other system.

* Similar to body building, the capillaries will constantly expand and dilate becoming stronger and bigger after each session.

* Quickly increases penis Size (width and length).

* Fastest cure for impotency by far.

* Helps achieve faster and longer lasting erections.

* Helps prevent premature ejaculation by training your penis to get used to movement and feeling.

* A comfortable and easy to use system with multiple power settings from gentle to powerful. to suit all organs.

* A complete workout in a box for your penis.

* You exercise your arms, legs and abs, but you do nothing for your most male feature, your penis. Well guess what, as you get older you significantly lose performance. You are slower in attaining erections and lose an erection quicker, that is a medical fact. Now the solution is so easy. What will the Sarpa Trainer do for you?

The Sarpa trainer will not only increase the width and length of your penis, it will return it to the performance level of a 21 year old. It is the fastest cure for impotency. Use for 30 minutes a day (twice a day for faster results). More comfortable and easier to use than any other pump because the vacuum is constantly being replenished so you don't need a 100% seal and there is absolutely no need to shave.

What is included? The cylinder, which is 8 inches in length and 2.8 inches in diameter and has a measuring scale - 3 different sized silicone fittings for the base of the cylinder - 1 constriction ring to hold the hardness - 50ml of best quality lubricant. Electric power adapter for your country (also runs on 4AA batteries not included). Comes in an unmarked box Ready to go straight out of the box. Very quiet when running. Great price for this amazing piece of kit. Get your new penis today. You can read reviews on this amazing product by clicking on our ebay store. All prices include Worldwide trackable shipping.